April Unboxing | Boho Berry Box

Guys it’s the very last week of March! Isn’t that crazy? It LITERALLY feels like it was just the beginning of February like 5 days ago. Why does every year seem to fly by faster and faster?! But I guess with every rain cloud there is a silver lining – and for this little gray cloud it’s the fact that the end of one month comes a brand new Boho Berry Box of goodies to open up and use!

The Boho Berry Box, for those that don’t know, is a monthly subscription box created by the owner/creator/mastermind behind Boho Berry & and Boho Berry Paperie Shop on Etsy, Kara Benz. She’s been using Bullet Journaling as a way to plan her life for years now, and has turned her love and passion for it into a business! The Boho Berry Box is full of monthly goodies, specific to the season/month that’s upcoming. The subscription is an auto-renew monthly box, coming to about $25 per box. *

This month’s box was heavily influenced by all things floral and spring-y, and I am 100% obsessed with all of the items!

BB April Collection

Here’s what was included this month:

  • Boho Berry | Custom 5A insert, “Bloom Where You Are Planted”
  • Boho Berry | April Tracker
  • Boho Berry | April Sample Stickers
  • Boho Berry | Custom Floral To-Do List Stickers
  • LaurelBox | Plantable Seed Paper
  • Bella’s Bits And Buys | Flower Wreath Sticky Notes
  • In The Clear | Red & Purple Floral Modern Washi
  • The Goulet Pen Co. | Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen in Red, Fine

I was super excited to see that Kara had decided to include a fountain pen from her favorite pen company! I’m looking forward to using it in my journal!

Insert Cover

First up is the notebook insert that was included in the box. This is great if you have a traveler’s notebook (which I’ve thought about investing in several times and I may have to go ahead and take the dive) and you want to keep specific notes separate from your main journal. This would be great for say, planning all of your Spring cleaning and Spring break plans.

Insert Inside

The notebook is the classic 5A size, which is what most people usually reach for when bullet journaling. The inner pages are in a dot grid formation, which is what Kara prefers for her bullet journal. I personally like a square grid better (like graph paper) because I feel like it helps me get better lines, but I’ll have to play with this and maybe she’ll convert me. πŸ˜‰

April Stickers

Every month you also get a set of header, to-dos and mood/habit tracker stickers to use to save time on lists and such. So far I’ve gotten a little too far ahead and premade all of my trackers before my monthly box arrives, so I haven’t been able to use any of my monthly tracker stickers. But this month I forced myself to keep from pre-planning for April, so I’ll actually be able to use the mood/habit tracker this time!

I’m so fawning over the floral to-do list stickers! How cute are they? Perk: You can even color the flowers in to make them match whatever color theme you’re going for, or leave them blank for a more modern black/white feel.

April items 1

You will also get a few items from other small businesses included in each monthly box, which I think is amazing. There’s few things better than small businesses supporting and promoting other small businesses, amiright?

This month includes some super pretty lilac seed paper and a set of floral wreath sticky notes! I’ll have to go out and get some small pots to plant the paper in!

April items 2

I think overall my two favorite items this month are the washi tape & the Goulet fountain pen! I’ve never owned a fountain pen, so it’ll be fun to start using one/play with it.

So far I’ve also gotten a new washi tape in each box, and this month’s is sooooooo freaking pretty I’m going to use it all over everything I possibly can!

April items preview

I went ahead and tried out the fountain pen – the ink is a really pretty light red…almost like a hot pink really. (ignore my awful handwriting).

This month’s box is definitely a hit for me! The first few boxes were ok, but I can tell Kara and her team are stepping up their game with each box and the more feedback they get. I can’t wait to start using all of these amazing goodies!

till next time,


*items in this post were purchased by me to use and review. for more information, visit my disclosure & policy page.