One Positive Thought

It has been long known that positive energy attracts positive energy, and negative energy begets negative energy. People that are always happy go-lucky and bright and quirky seem to never have a truly bad day, and if they do, they often bounce right back to their usual selves. Those that are usually mad or upset over something can usually be found complaining…about everything. Because for them, for some reason nothing ever goes right. And there’s really only one explanation for this.

It’s all dependent on how you let yourself look at things.

This week’s quote art was borrowed from Livvit’s Instagram:

That’s why just focusing on one small good thing during your day can make you feel better. If you wake up and immediately think about how it’s Monday and you wish the weekend hadn’t ended yet and how you just want to go back to bed; well you’re not going to have a great day because you’re setting yourself up for a bad one.

You can’t go into your day already expecting it to be awful and put it on the world to prove you wrong. Trust me, it’ll do everything in its power to prove you right in this instance. That’s why it’s up to you to change your mindset. Your happiness is ultimately up to you, so if you chose to harshly judge everything by first glance you’re never going to be happy. You have to open up and give things a chance.

Rather than waking up and thinking about how you’d rather roll over and go back to sleep, focus on something you’ll look forward to that day. Focus on the really good lunch or dinner you’ve got planned, or being able to see a work friend during the day. Remind yourself that there is something to actually look forward to that day, and it won’t seem all that bad. Even if you’re in a really rough depressed patch and the best thing you can think of is getting back home to crawl right back into bed – remind yourself that the sooner you’re up and moving the sooner you’ll be crawling back into bed.

You’d be surprised how uplifting it can be to remind yourself of all of the GOOD things in your life rather than focusing on the bad and making yourself depressed. If you do start feeling bad and putting the world down, go ahead and let it happen for the moment, but don’t let it take over. Once you’ve had your moment look around you and find one thing to be happy about, or that makes you feel good about your surroundings. Maybe it’s the photo of your family on your desk, or your dog or cat curled up nearby taking a nap, or even the sun shining outside lighting up a beautiful view outside of your window.

Focus on finding the good in the world, and eventually you won’t notice the bad as much.

What’s one positive thought that you have?

Mine is waking up and being able to cuddle with Zach and our dogs before I get up to go to work, and knowing that I get to come home to them all happy to see me at the end of the day.

Let’s be positive this week.

till next time,


QOTW | Be Better Than Yourself

Happy Monday everyone! I hope your weekend was relaxing and restful!

This week I want to talk about striving to be a better version of yourself, and how you are the only person in this world you should try to be better than.

2018 better than yourself

You can spend your entire life trying to be better than other people, or even just trying to be like other people. But comparing yourself to others is never healthy. It’s like comparing a fish to a dog. They are extremely different, and if one were to try to be like the other, it would only result in failure.

By trying to be be like others, you are setting yourself up for failure. And while there is no harm in striving to be a better person than the majority of humanity, to be kind, thoughtful, generous, empathetic; but this should be seen as improving yourself and not an attempt to be better than others.

Self improvement is an inside job, as is happiness. If you want to be kinder, do so because you want to make yourself a better person. Because at the end of the day, there will always be someone out there that is better than you in some aspect. They may be smarter, faster, stronger, more generous, and that’s 100% okay. If you are constantly trying to race to be better than everyone else you are going to get burned out. But if you do just one thing a day that makes you a better person than you were yesterday, you’re already moving in the right direction, and you can only keep moving forward.

till next time,